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The Webmin Documentation wiki is a collaborative project to document the Webmin systems management GUI for Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X systems, and the Usermin webmail and user-level control panel.

Webmin is a popular tool for making many common system administration tasks easier, automating tasks, and allows delegation of administration tasks to less privileged users. Webmin provides modules for administering most popular services, such as Apache Webserver, Postfix Mail Server, BIND DNS Server, ProFTPD Server, Dovecot IMAP Server, SSH Server, and more. Webmin also has modules for managing Users and Groups, Disk and Network Filesystems, System Logs, and more.

The Webmin Documentation wiki began by combining the contents of Jamie Cameron's book Managing Linux Systems With Webmin and Joe Cooper's book The Book of Webmin: ...or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love UNIX and expanding it with new materials from other contributors. This wiki welcomes contributions from anyone, including anonymous contributions.