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Hi. I created few categories and then marked few spam pages for deletion. Please delete it asap. You should also protect main page from editing.

Regards RobRoy

Thanks! I'm still learning my way around MediaWiki, and the last MediaWiki I managed was before wiki spam became such a huge issue. I've protected main page, and will welcome any further advice.

Cheers Joe (Docs/SwellJoe

Other languagues

I am going to delete links from main page related to content in other languagues, because there in no content at the moment. I found few pages in German and Portugese but in fact these pages are almost empty and I delete them, too. As I know you can install MediaWiki extension [1], but I am not sure if we need it on this wiki.

RobRoy (talk)


Hi, Joe, thanks for your message. I deleted redirection after check [2] that no page from wiki is linked to that redirection. Indeed this way I couldn't check external links and I will rember of it for the future. Regards.

If I could suggest something to you - please use Add topic button (beside search) and signature (second icon from the left or four tildes ~) after message, because well formated message is much easier to read.

--RobRoy (talk) 19:19, 29 October 2014 (EDT)