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If your system is running an SSH Server, you can use Webmin's built-in SSH and telnet client module to do a normal shell login. Because the module uses a Java applet, when you use it to login the connection is coming from the client host that your web browser is running on, just as if you ran a normal telnet client program. This means that if there is any Linux Firewall blocking telnet or SSH access from the client, this Webmin module will not be able to get around it.

To use the module, click on its icon under the Others category in Webmin. The main page simply contains a Java applet that will by default make a telnet connection to the server running Webmin. If your browser does not support Java, an error message will be displayed instead. If the applet loads and is able to connect, enter your username and password to log in. .

Not all versions of Linux have a telnet server running by default. Many new distributions include an SSH server instead, which means that the applet will be unable to make a telnet connection. If this happens, you need to re-configure it as explained in the section below.

Configuring the SSH Login module

This module has several configuration options that control its user interface and connection. To edit them, click on the Module Config link in the top-left corner of the main page. The editable options that will be displayed are: