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The module Jabber IM Server is currently unmaintained.

Either the feature is obsolete, or the feature is updated such way that webmin no longer interfaces correctly.

The jabberd project aims to provide an open-source server implementation of the Jabber protocols for instant messaging and XML routing. The goal of this project is to provide a scalable, reliable, efficient and extensible server that provides a complete set of features and is 0up to date with the latest protocol revisions.

jabberd2 is the next generation of the jabberd server. It has been rewritten from the ground up to be scalable, architecturally sound, and to support the latest protocol extensions coming out of the JSF.

This package defaults to use PAM Authentication and MySQL Database Server (sqlite).

This module allows you to configure the Jabber instant messaging server. Because Jabber uses XML config files, the module will totally re-write the config file as soon as any configuration changes are made. All comments and most existing formatting will be lost.

Webmin supports Jabber version up to 1.4