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The iSCSI Target module allows you to export disk devices to other systems over the network using the iSCSI protocol. Each exported disk is called a target, and existing targets are listing on the module's main page. To create a new target, click the Add a new iSCSI target button, enter a name, and select the disk device or file to be exported.

Logins and passwords required from clients can either be set on a per-target basis, or for all targets on the Authentication Settings page. The iSCSI protocol also allows targets to authenticate themselves to clients (also known as initiators).

Global settings related to packet sizes and the iSCSI protocol can be changed on the Connection Settings page. Timeouts for communication with clients can be changed on the Timeout Settings page.

By default, any client with a valid login can connect to your exported targets. However, you can limit the IPs clients can connect from using the Allowed Client Addresses page. Alternately, you can restrict the IPs on the server that clients can connect to using the Allowed Server Addresses page.

At the bottom of the module's main page are buttons to stop, start and restart the iSCSI Server. Configuration changes will not be applied until the server is restarted.