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The iSCSI Client module allows you to access disk devices shared using the iSCSI protocol by other systems on your network. Once a device has been connected, it can be partitioned, mounted or used for RAID or LVM just like a locally attached disk.

If the iSCSI server you plan to access requires authentication, first visit the Authentication Options page to set a username and password to be used for subsequent connections.

To attach a new device, go to the iSCSI Connections page and enter the hostname or IP of the iSCSI Server in the form at the bottom of the page. Webmin will fetch available target devices from the specified server, and allow you to select one or all to connect. Assuming that connection completes successfully, a local SCSI device like /dev/sdb will be created and made available in the Partitions on Local Disks and Disk and Network Filesystems modules.

Existing connections can be removed by checking the box next to their entries on the iSCSI Connections page, and clicking the Disconnect button. Removing a connection that is currently mounted or used in a RAID or LVM volume is not recommended.

The iSCSI Client main screen