Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector

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Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector is a IPTables based application that assist using packet inspection in keeping intruders out. Fail2ban can be installed from within webmin.

Fail2Ban is a server that scans log files for entries indicating failed logins or other attacks, and then performs actions such as firewalling or otherwise blocking the sources of those attacks. This can be used to prevent brute-force password guessing attempts by blocking the attacker before it can try a wide range of passwords.

The three major configuration object types in Fail2Ban are:

Log Filters
A filter is basically a regular expression that can be applied to a log file to match failed logins or other attacks.
Match Actions
An action is a set of commands that are run to block an attack. An action can also define commands to un-block an IP, and commands that are run when Fail2Ban starts up or shuts down.
Filter Action Jails
A jail is a combination of a filter, one or more actions, and one or more log files. The log is continually scanned for lines that match the filter, and when one is found the selected actions are performed.
Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector module

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